Why did you choose the R.I. Prospects Program

I had been working with Coach Cody Ortega since I was 10. When I heard that he was going to 365 to coach the Prospects I thought there was no better place to go.

How did the program help you?

The Prospects helped me in many ways. They helped me become a more well rounded baseball player as well as put my name out there for all of the schools you could think of.

How did you make your college choice?

When making my decision, I decided that I was going to choose the school that has the best baseball program, best school, and one that would be able to help me financially. After dialing it down to 2 schools, Franklin Pierce stood out the most.

How did the Prospects program help in your college decision?

The Prospects did a tremendous job helping me and my parents with the recruiting process. Without Coach Ortega, this whole process may have been a big unorganized mess. The prospects helped me find the schools and programs that they believed I would strive in. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.